PPC Benefits
Why Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Your Choice - Your decide where you want to be on the page by deciding how much you want to spend and how professional your campaign is. The more you pay and the better your ad and landing page, the higher your ranking.
  • Predictable Advertising - Natural search engine rankings can change from one day to another, sometimes violently and can take many months to show up. PPC gives you predictable ad management with many keywords in a short turn around time.
  • Instant Fine Tuning - Changing the content of your campaign is achieved in minutes with PPC, but can take months with natural listing. So you are able to use predictable marketing principles to achieve rapid success.
  • Instant Ranking - You may get good rankings on the natural search results for certain terms but not for large numbers of keywords. PPC is an ideal way to "fill in the blanks" and rank well for a large number of search terms.
  • Prototyping - Because of the quick set up time, pay per click search engines allow you to prototype ideas, gather feedback and track demand before you invest into a new business model.
  • Target Marketing - The ability to target a specific ad to a specific audiences is a huge advantage not found in any other marketing media. You have total control of the ad, the content, when it shows, how long it shows for, the geographic area it show in, the cost of the ad, the position of the ad and a lot more
  • Measure Results - Because you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign almost in live time, you know very quickly if you are getting the right public, presenting the right message and very important, if you are making a profit.
  • Pre-qualified Customers - Reach over 85% of active internet users and reach the people who are already searching for what you sell at the precise moment they want it.
  • Cost Effective - Costs are under your control because you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, you set your budget and you choose  the cost of each ad.