Why should I use Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?
  • Exposure: Reach over 85% of active Internet users
  • Advertise to people who are already searching for what you sell
  • Connect with new customers at the precise moment when they're looking for your products or services
  • Immediate results, start receiving traffic the moment your campaign is live
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your search engine listing
  • Measurable campaign performance, be 100% accountable with return on investment conversion tracking
  • Online real time reporting tells you what's working
  • Cost effective advertising medium compared to other forms of online and offline advertising
  • Flexible advertising medium

Can I turn my account off for a period of time?
If your business and products are seasonal or out of stock, we can turn your campaigns on or off as needed. You will not be charged a management fee when your campaign is offline. You will also not be charged by the search engine.

How do I know if my campaign is working?
Our team will set up Google Analytics™ which will monitor exactly where people are coming from. Your account manager will work with you in identifying your profitable “key performance indicators”, such as a cost per order, cost per lead, or the return on your advertising costs. These “indicators” are added to your analytics so you can actually follow the profitability of your campaign. You will be able to log in at any time to see how things are going. You will be able to see number of visitors, were they came from, how much they cost, if they converted to a sale, filled out form and a lot more. We use this data to monitor how well we are running your campaign.

Will you use my old PPC account?
We will create a new account using our proven best practices in account structure, keyword selection and proprietary software.

What is a "Click"?
A click occurs when a visitor does a search and sees your ad, clicks on it and is lead to your website. So if there is no click on your ad, there is no cost to you.

What is “Cost Per Click” (CPC)?
The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad. Google™, Yahoo™ and Microsoft™ use a CPC pricing system and only charge once your ad is clicked.

What are the costs for running my Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign?
Once your account has been set up the expense you incur through your account with Google™, Yahoo™ or Microsoft™ is paid directly by you to the search engine.
Our management costs are billed separately .

How soon is it before my ads are online?
Once we have collected all the set up information, we will have your ads up and running in 24 hours. If we need to fix your website or build landing pages, it takes a little longer.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?
There is no contract – your account is month to month.

Is there a minimum advertising budget?
No. We will work with your ad budget. It is not advised to spend less than $25 per day.

Do you guarantee your work?
We feel very strongly about the work we do:
You can cancel at any time.
You get a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are not absolutely happy with the work we are doing for you, we will refund that full month’s management fee.